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About Us

Launched: Our company was founded in 1999 in Pennsylvania and later moved to Palm Harbor, Florida, where it was based for many years. In August of 2011, Soapier took a road trip! At the end of this trip, Soapier planted its roots in Austin, Texas under a new management team, with new visions and ideas! While we remain commited to making and selling amazing soaps, we also have a deep commitment to ourselves to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!

Description: Handcrafted line of soaps designed and developed by a family owned business. This line of vividly colored, strikingly scented and lavishly lush products are fun and functional whether cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating or simply enjoying a pampering body treatment.

History: Soapier was started by Linda Nigro, a self-taught soap designer and creator who began the company in the basement of her former home in Pennsylvania. In August of 2011, Soapier was purchased by Robert Jamail II, an entrepreneur and maker in Austin, Texas.

Linda and her daughter both trained Robert on developing the intricate designs and creating the lush combinations that add enticing scents to the line of handmade soaps and shaving cakes. With imagination and determination, as big as Texas, Robert is worked on marketing and brand development for Soapier, while striving to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and a truly pleasant experience.

In April of 2012, Robert joined forces with his friend Taylor Krischke. Together, they are determined to bring Soapier to new levels of fun and awesomeness!

Philosophy: We use only high quality ingredients that we use ourselves. Trust us, we have never smelled better!

Qualities: Rich, colorful designs with detail and an artistic spin that you won't find in store brands. All soaps are double fragranced to ensure the distinctive scent does not fade.

Process: Patterns, designs, and decorative touches are inspired by the world around us or individualized to develop a signature look or iconic image for custom orders.

Creating the elaborate, elegant designs requires a labor intensive trial-and-error approach. The technique involves multiple steps that are much more time-consuming and complicated than simply adding color or incorporating textures by mixing elements into a mold. The final product is the result of numerous attempts that continue until the technique is perfected, the desired results achieved, and the design is able to be duplicated.

Secret Ingredient: Imagination. We don't know what won't work until we try it. We don't give up and won't compromise. We know what is possible and keep at it until we are able to offer the soap we set out to create.