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Soapier Accent Soaps

Our natural line of all natural glycerin soaps, each with soft exfoliants to help keep you clean! And, like all of our products, double fragranced!

Clay & Seaweed
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Rejuvenate overworked skin and help close large pores with our clay and seaweed soap. Real seaweed and bentonite clay is the key to creating our most lush and detoxifying soap yet. Have an at-home spa experience and enjoy the benefits of total skin therapy. 5oz

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Kick stubborn cooking odors and give your hands a little "perk" with our famous Kitchen Soap! Onions and garlic can't stand up to the power packed in this unique cleanser. The secret ingredient in this odor fighting bar is fresh coffee grounds, with mocha fragrance for a delicious added touch. 5oz