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Goats Milk Soaps

Our Goats Milk Soaps are all natural and come in six fantastic options. And, like all of our products, double fragranced!


Calundula flowers heal and protect the skin. Goats milk moisturizes. The amber fragrance is a sweet & subtle one, worth remembering. You'll crave it every morning! 6oz


Relax and moisturize your body at the same time with our lavender goats milk soap. It will rejuvinate your skin and your spirit! 6oz

Lemon Poppy

Poppy is added as a wonderful exfoliant to this classic yellow and black bar of goats milk soap. Smell the scent of fresh squeezed lemons and fill your day with zest! 6oz



Take some peppermint leaves, throw in some minty peppermint essential oil & you have a refreshing, moisturizing bar that will surely wake you up in the morning! 6oz


Bits of tiny roses are added to this bar for additional fragrance and texture. Now you never have to wait for rose season to enjoy this scent! 6oz

Soapier Accent Soaps

Our natural line of all natural glycerin soaps, each with soft exfoliants to help keep you clean! And, like all of our products, double fragranced!

Clay & Seaweed (temporarily out of stock)

Rejuvenate overworked skin and help close large pores with our clay and seaweed soap. Real seaweed and bentonite clay is the key to creating our most lush and detoxifying soap yet. Have an at-home spa experience and enjoy the benefits of total skin therapy. 6oz

Kitchen (temporarily out of stock)

Kick stubborn cooking odors and give your hands a little "perk" with our famous Kitchen Soap! Onions and garlic can't stand up to the power packed in this unique cleanser. The secret ingredient in this odor fighting bar is fresh coffee grounds, with mocha fragrance for a delicious added touch. 6oz

Soaps by the Slice!

Soaps by the slice. Glycerin soaps in wonderful fragrances and designs... we're sure you'll have a favorite!

Arabian Nights

Sweet and seductive, the musky floral aromas in Arabian Night are reminiscent of a steamy Moroccan evening. Get one for the dark stranger in your life, or simply to add a touch of sultry spice to your bath. 6oz

Bamboo Ocean

A clean, crisp scent that will refresh you morning, noon, and night. Ocean scents are soothing. We're sure this bar will relax you or the men in your life! 6oz

Beach Breezes

Fake a day at the beach with our Beach Breezes soap! Full of little bits of swirling "sea foam" and offering the aroma of salty spray and beachy goodness, with this soap, you can bring the beach to the bath any time! 6oz

Blue Sugar

Toasted caramalized sugar, woodsy cedar... this is surely going to become a favorite for everyone! 6oz

Cherry Bomb

This is officially our favorite soap. It smells incredible, it's adorable to look at, and it'll get you clean and smelling wonderful! 6oz

Crisp Cotton

Remember the clean, warm scent of clothes that your mother hung out on the line? We've capture the breeze and sunshine of that sweet smelling laundry in our Crisp Cotton soap to bring that same freshness to your bath. 6oz

Cucumber Melon

The heat of the day got you feeling icky? Chill out and cool down with our Cucumber Melon soap! Refreshing and cheery, one whiff will cool your spirit and ease your mind. 6oz


Iceberg Madness

A tingly blend of peppermint and spearmint. Fantastic for the mornings... If your employees or friends tend to be late getting in to work, give them a bar! It'll get them going in the morning. 6oz

Lathered in Chocolate

We created this bar after seeing a photo of a vanilla chocolate ice cream bar drizzled in chocolate. We think our soap is even better... no vanilla! We fragranced this soap with a very rich chocolate fragrance at double the strength. 6oz


Let Them Eat Cake

Yeah. Seriously. You're never going to leave the shower after using this. Picture getting to lick the bowl (please don't read into that) after making a cake, every day, and not gaining any weight, or getting pimples... it's seriously a win-win. 6oz.

Lily of the Valley

This sweet and heady bouquet is reminiscent of a stroll through the French countryside. Both elegant and feminine, Lily of the Valley offers an intoxicating lily scent. 6oz

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of oatmeal, milk and honey... in the bathtub, of course! Real bits of oatmeal top this warmly fragrant bar, which is as moisture-rich and yummy smelling as it sounds. 6oz

Orange A-Peel

Start your day with a splash of citrus with our Orange-a-Peel soap! Citrus scents are known for their energizing properties and "appealing" aroma, and this little slice will be sure to get you goin'. 6oz


Light the incense and dim the lights and let it take you back. Patchouli is the psychedelic scent of the 60's! Relive your flower power days with this groovy and super luxurious soap. 6oz

Pink Sugar

Check out this awesome new soap we've got. Pretty funky, right? I mean, as soaps go. It's pretty cool. But the thing you don't know... the thing you can't know... the thing that's gonna drive you up a wall... it's the fragrance. Yeah.

One word.


I know, it's almost too good to...

Ok. Two words.

Pumpkin Roll

This is a fantastic combination of fragrances. Pumpkin, spices, icing... it smells simply amazing, and looks awesome! 6oz


Sandalwood is a warm, relaxing fragrance that guys will love! 6oz

Sunrise Morning

Pucker up every morning with a splash of grapefruit goodness! With a whole lot of juicy citrus scents, our soap offers a little slice of sweet sunshine. Invigorating and moisturizing, this is the perfect soap to get your day started on the "bright" foot! 6oz


Sensuous and elegant, our Vanilla Bean soap is one guilt-free sweet treat! Have your cake and eat it too without compromising your waistline... our vanilla bean will have you smelling (and looking) yummy too. 6oz

Vanilla Almond

We got quite a few requests for almond soap. After getting a dozen samples, we decided on this great combination... and this is such a great looking bar, too! 6oz