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Soapier's Men's Line of Soap

Our line of great men's fragrances, in fantastic new designs and scents! Fragrances preferred by men, but excellent for everyone!

Amber Goat's Milk

Calundula flowers heal and protect the skin. Goats milk moisturizes. The amber fragrance is a sweet & subtle one, worth remembering. You'll crave it every morning! 6oz

Arabian Nights

Sweet and seductive, the musky floral aromas in Arabian Night are reminiscent of a steamy Moroccan evening. Get one for the dark stranger in your life, or simply to add a touch of sultry spice to your bath. 6oz

Bamboo Ocean

A clean, crisp scent that will refresh you morning, noon, and night. Ocean scents are soothing. We're sure this bar will relax you or the men in your life! 6oz


Blue Sugar

Toasted caramalized sugar, woodsy cedar... this is surely going to become a favorite for everyone! 6oz

Falconer's Glove

Yeah, this one is all man. Leather fragrance, awesome silver/bronze colored... it's gonna attract falcons both with knives and without. This soap was given out as a sample through Breadpig for Arbitrary Day, and was a big hit, so we'd thought we'd offer it to the masses. Thanks to licenseplate at Reddit for the name/label art! 6oz

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Start your day off right with a healthy dose of oatmeal, milk and honey... in the bathtub, of course! Real bits of oatmeal top this warmly fragrant bar, which is as moisture-rich and yummy smelling as it sounds. 6oz


Sandalwood is a warm, relaxing fragrance that guys will love! 6oz

Vanilla Bean

Sensuous and elegant, our Vanilla Bean soap is one guilt-free sweet treat! Have your cake and eat it too without compromising your waistline... our vanilla bean will have you smelling (and looking) yummy too. 6oz

Vanilla Almond

We got quite a few requests for almond soap. After getting a dozen samples, we decided on this great combination... and this is such a great looking bar, too! 6oz