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Meme Soaps!

These are meme themed soaps, in colorful designs and fragrances, 6oz each bar, double fragranced.

Price: $6.95

The essence of life, either upvoting or downvoting something, whether in our heads, our hearts, or, you know, with our arms, hands, fingers... all the while smelling like tangerine dream. Happy Arbitrary Day!

Bacon Bits
Price: $6.95

Not only does it smell like bacon. It has maple syrup added, too.

Look of Disapproval
Price: $6.95

This one was tricky. What in the hell kind of fragrance does this image evoke? In the end, we chose Aqua Spa. We're not sure why... probably because it's good for both men and women... probably because someone out there is going to disapprove.

Price: $6.95

We had our special fragrance mixer try and perfect the sea creatures essence, and he died just before telling us the secret ingredient. So sad. We think it smells like Rome, the way the when the sunset hits the buildings... or the sea. One of the two. Artwork by licenseplate!

Price: $6.95

If a soap smells good enough to eat... do you try it when no one is looking? Philosoraptor is fragranced with caramel candy. We're warning you now. You're gonna get sick if you eat it. But you're going to love washing with it.

Price: $6.95 Temporarily Out of Stock

No one on our end could agree on one of the five samples we received with a marijuana fragrance. We tried, really we did. So, we settled on pineapple fragrance. We look forward to all of the 'son, I am disappoint' emails.