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Trollface soaps

Trollface Soap
Price: $6.95

We sent out a bunch of samples to some lucky customers. We crossed our fingers and waited with baited breath to hear back from them. After we threatened them with legal action, here is what a couple of lucky redditors had to say about our brand new Trollface soap:

Kelphatron9000: "Before I used it, I thought the peppermint would be too overwhelming, but it wasn't. The minty smell was subtle enough to leave the smell on my skin, but didn't overpower me with mint. The troll-dome (now a TM of Soapier) at the top made it easy to hold and handle. There was no chance to drop this soap. Overall, good experience! /ewbte"

lizhang: Good: Love the double-layer thing you're doing. Good to know that the troll face won't be washed away in the near future. HUGE chunk of soap, this is going to last me years! (editors note: no, it won't)

No issues with the soap. It's a huge slab of soap, so I have no idea where to put it since it keeps sliding around all over my counter (PROBLEM?). Would be awesome if you guys offered more scents/sizes.

Kyoti: This soap makes me wish I had balls just so I could feel them tingle!

Overall, the peppermint smells bubbly and fresh, almost like soda. It has a great scent that, like all other Soapier stuff, lingers on the skin for a while. The shape and size fits in the hand well and makes it easy to suds up a loofah. I left the shower feeling very fresh and clean!

GeneralissimoFranco: Thanks Soapier for letting me be a lab rat for your new minty fresh trollface soap, and getting it to me just in time for my trip to Quakecon 2010 in Dallas, TX. While I normally don't bother bringing soap to LAN parties (and neither do many of the other attendants), I decided to make an exception just for this year. Let me start by telling you that this soap definitely helped me put on my cool face. Seeing as most of the multiplayer games were barely playable during the whole convention, most of the BYOC attendees spent their time trolling on IRC and failing at filesharing. By the third day of non-stop chatroom trolling the rest of my troll friends were beginning to smell like feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon. I, on the other hand, smelled of kittens playing in a field of mint and lavender. Your awesome soap gave me a HUGE advantage with the women in the convention as they longingly watched my chatroom trolling skills in action. After my experience at Quakecon I recommend this soap to any aspiring trolls going to a LAN party, especially if they plan on spending most of their time in the BYOC chatting and playing minesweeper on a 52" LED-LCD TV just like I did.

gct: "Smells like peppermint and scarcely burns the skin at all, no 'problems' here."

stresscheese: I dig the minty fresh scent. The face is embedded deeply into the soap to give you hours of troll-tastic washing enjoyment. Just don't drop the soap *trollface.

I just used it in the shower and it went spectacularly. The troll face stared at me through the soapy veneer, but it left me feeling fresh and clean. The clear layer on top of the artwork does not seem like it will fade easily and the scent is lovely.

NakedTonyDanza: After receiving my trollface soap, I was initially hesitant.  That smarmy face grinning at me, promising to do something awful if I dared to wash my body with him and his pleasing peppermint smell.  Why does he smell so nice if he's plotting something horrible for me?  It's like those hideous angler fishes that lure unsuspecting prey into their toothy craws by tricking fish into thinking they have an edible morsel protruding from their foreheads.

Amazingly, the trollface soap didn't live up to the image on it.  In fact, it was delightful.  It honestly might be the best soap I ever used.  My wife used it as well, and said the same thing - her only minor complaint was that the peppermint scent is better suited for a man, although the smell washes off pretty fast.

The soap is extremely slippery (as all good soaps are), and unbelievably high quality.  I don't know how they sell these for as little as they do.  If you want a killer body cleansing product with a nice smell and a smarmy jerk's face on it, trollface soap is the only way to go.

TL;DR We think you're going to love using Trollface soap.

The creator of Trollface, Whynne, gave us permission to use his creation, and he receives a percentage of each sale.