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Reddit Envelope Soap!

Reddit Envelope Soap
Price: $8.95 - The envelopes are back in stock! We have changed the coloring a tad, to improve the quality of the soaps! See the video below for an example. Enjoy! :)

Are you a Reddit** member? Well then, you know about the rollercoaster of emotions you get when you visit Reddit and you look to see if someone has replied to one of your posts.

Maybe they're going to agree with you...

Maybe they're going to make a snarky comment...

Maybe they're going to pick a fight...

Maybe it's a PM from Wil Wheaton!

We have two awesome new soaps for you Redditors. Our Orangered and Blue Envelopes!

They come in two great fragrances. Creamsicle for the Orangered envelope, and Blueberry for the Blue envelope! Each bar is 4 ozs of high quality vegetable glycerin soap. Perfect hand sized bars of soap for you, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your gimp in the basement... guests, LAN party... anyone and everyone!

These are the perfect gift for Redditors to receive a REAL Orangered envelope... send one to someone you love, or someone you're stalking! We don't judge here at Soapier... and any rumors you've heard about us helping in mail fraud or cyber stalking investigations*... pshhhh. Hogwash.

Thank you all for being such fantastic customers, and supports of Soapier and Reddit. It means a lot to us. You'll never know how much.

* Soapier has no comment about ongoing mail fraud or cyber stalking investigations.

** Reddit receives a percentage of each sale! The Reddit logo was used with permission from Reddit and Conde Nast.

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(Discount coupons do not include reddit alien or envelope soaps)