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Soapier Meets the Press!

Butterfly Diary - Calling all bathing beauties: an amazing bath and body line from up-and-coming beauty company Soapier is gathering devotees faster than Paris Hilton makes headlines. Read More!

Weird Stuff In My Desk - The bars are a very generous 5 oz and are little works of art as you can see from the picture. They are glycerin based which I love, because they leave a nice clean feel and a great lather and are not drying. Read More!

Laura Williams Musings - Soapier.com also sent me a Raspberry Lovers Soap by the Slice which is a nice pink soap with a delightful raspberry scent and a heart shape embedded in the slice. Romantic and sweet! You can't get any better than that! Read More!

Mummy Product Reviews - Soapier is in fact not some Dial type line of soap or Simple Green range of products. It is in fact, a full line of bath and body products created to delight your senses with such scents as Bergamot & Coriander or Beach Breezes. Read More!

Mom Finds.com - If I had the choice of dabbing on Chanel No. 5 or anything that smells like the ocean, I’d go for the ocean. My air fresheners, candles, even my laundry detergent smells like the sea. Read More!

GoErie.com's It List - What do you need to dress up the bathroom before company comes? How about Soapier brand soaps, which feature fragrances from fruit to floral to downright edible. Read More!

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