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Shaving Soap

We heard your cries, your pleads, your begging. We heard it all and did something about it. Presenting Soapier's awesome shaving soaps for the masses.

Shaving Soap
Price: $6.95 - $9.95

There's not much we can say about what we just created. But I'll try.

Check this guy out. You might see him in a Civil War re-enactment. Or you just went back in time to save Doc Brown and this guy is giving you the stink-eye because you look like you musta got your shirt off'n a dead Chinese**.

The era of shaving soaps, straight razors, brushes... they've been pushed aside for convenience, chemicals, and marketing.

We're bringing it back. You know, with a real grassroots kind of thing here. Starting slow. World domination. It all takes time.

Our shaving soaps come in one of five fragrances*. Doublemint, Pink Sugar (cotton candy), Bay Rum, Sandalwood, or unscented.

2 bars is going to set you back $6.95. They're 2.25" (standard mug sized), 3oz bars, made with shea butter, kaolin clay, and lather up extremely well.

2 bars and a brush is going to run $9.95.

2 bars, a brush and a mug... we don't have yet. But they're coming! (we promise, they're coming!)

We appreciate suggestions, we do our best to listen to them, and when we do, we create the best possible product at an affordable price.

NOTE: We had to purchase new molds. The new molds actually doubled the volume of soap, so we had to lower the amount of bars from 3 to 2, to keep the price the same. Want a third, fourth or fifth bar? Just let us know!

** Back to the Future 3 was awesome