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Soapier's Soap of the Month Club!

We're currently revamping our program for people to receive an awesome smelling set of soaps once a month! Trust us, the new program will be just as awesome as the last one. In fact, it will be even better!

We will be changing the way the soaps are packaged and what you receive!

We will no longer offer our Soap of the Month Club via prepaid subscriptions. We will base the new program on how many bars per month you want to receive. We also plan to add a Shaving Soap of the Month Club option.

The new program will be a monthly recurring payment program. We hope that this will allow more people to take advantage of the program.

Shipping will still be included in the price! At first, this will be limited to United States customers only. We want to see how this program works, first. If it goes over well, we'll begin offering a shipping option for our overseas fans! We LOVE our overseas customers, but shipping will be a little higher :(

2-Bar Soap of the Month Club

Price: Coming Soon!

2 bars of awesome soap, keep one for yourself and give one to a friend! We think this offer is perfect to try and turn some of your die-hard soap snob friends into Soapier Zombies... and not the slow zombies. We're talking 28 Days Later, Zack Snyder zombies!

3-Bar Soap of the Month Club

Price: Coming Soon!

Yeah, this is basically the same as the 2-Bar option but with 50% MORE AWESOME!!! You love our soap, maybe you shower 3 times a day. (It's OK, we know you secretly carry a bar of soap around with you to smell it whenever you feel the need!) No matter what your need, 3 bars will definitely keep you smiling and smelling great!

Shaving Soap of the Month Club

Price: Coming Soon!

This offer is for those of you who have discovered how amazing classic mug and brush shaving soaps are. 2 soaps each month, you get to choose the scent you want at checkout! If you want to change the scent, simply email us and let us know!