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Soaps by the Slice!

Soaps by the slice. High quality vegetable glycerin soap in wonderful fragrances and designs... we're sure you'll have a favorite!

Pumpkin Roll
Price: $6.95

This is a fantastic combination of fragrances. Pumpkin, spices, icing... it smells simply amazing, and looks awesome! 6oz

Raspberry Lovers
Price: $6.95

This juicy, sweet smelling slice is good enough to eat and will give you just the super sweet pick me up at every bath! 6oz

Price: $6.95

Sandalwood is a warm, relaxing fragrance that guys will love! 6oz

Sunrise Morning
Price: $6.95

Pucker up every morning with a splash of grapefruit goodness! With a whole lot of juicy citrus scents, our soap offers a little slice of sweet sunshine. Invigorating and moisturizing, this is the perfect soap to get your day started on the "bright" foot! 6oz

Price: $6.95 Temporarily Out of Stock

Sensuous and elegant, our Vanilla Bean soap is one guilt-free sweet treat! Have your cake and eat it too without compromising your waistline... our vanilla bean will have you smelling (and looking) yummy too. 6oz

Vanilla Almond
Price: $6.95

We got quite a few requests for almond soap. After getting a dozen samples, we decided on this great combination... and this is such a great looking bar, too! 6oz

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